Meander Canyon

The Colorado River is the most famous river in the West. While better known for its whitewater rafting, there is a 51 mile section downstream from Moab, Utah that is not accessible by road and is ideal for a calm water trip with a canoe or sea kayak. This section of the river flows through public lands below the towering cliffs of Dead Horse Point, almost 1800 feet above the river, and on down into Canyonlands National Park.

Endless explorations of awe inspiring canyons, ancient Indian ruins, and rock art sites are available to you on the Colorado River. The jetboat aspect of our service travels along this stretch of water once a day, whenever scheduled, and can pick up people at any point downstream from Moab. This allows us to support a trip of practically any duration or mileage as well as assist with unexpected situations for groups with small children or medical concerns. The Colorado River is particularly suited for newcomers to river camping and to groups who desire a very laid back pace. Although there is some jetboat and commercial raft activity on the river, we have found that our clients enjoy ample opportunities for a private and peaceful outdoor experience. This is especially true in the Spring and Fall when there is very little commercial rafting.



River Miles

Recommended Time

Potash to Spanish Bottomup to 512 to 5 Days

Shuttle Price

Adult13 and up$235 per person
Youth6 to 12$220 per person
Child1 to 5$185 per person


Personal Boat Transport Rates

In addition to the shuttle charges for individuals and their gear shown above, fees are charged for the handling and transport of all boats that are not rented from Tex’s Riverways. All boat transport rates are based on the weight of the different boat types and the amount of gear they can carry.

Boat Type


Solo/Standard Canoe$90.00
Folding/Inflatable Kayaks (disassembled/deflated only)$40.00
Hard Shell Tandem Kayaks Over 12'$150.00
Hard Shell Kayaks Over 12'$100.00
Hard Shell Kayaks Under 12'$40.00
Hard Shell Stand Up Paddle Boards$100.00
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards/Pack Rafts (deflated only)$40.00




All overnight trips on the Colorado and Green Rivers must have and use a washable, reusable toilet system or the type of toilet system that uses dry chemicals and enzymes to render solid human waste into non hazardous products acceptable for disposal in permitted landfills. See our equipment rental page for rates on an economical toilet system.


All overnight river trips entering Canyonlands National Park must have a permit. The Canyonlands reservation office can be reached at (435) 259-4351. is the only source for obtaining a permit. There is a $36.00 permit fee for each party, plus a $25.00 per person recreation fee. More information is available at the Canyonlands National Park website. Permits can be obtained online here.