Canoes & Kayaks


The canyon country in southeast Utah is a world of timeless peace and breathtaking vistas of a sculpted sandstone landscape. Many people explore these remote and beautiful canyons by paddling the slow moving waters of the Colorado and Green Rivers as they flow into the heart of Canyonlands National Park. These rivers provide paddlers of all experience levels almost 200 miles to explore in some of the most scenic wilderness in America. Whether you want to paddle for an over night trip or for a month long trip, there is a trip for you.

Which Trip is Best?

All time on the river is good time. If you are unfamiliar with these rivers, please read through the general descriptions of the three sections of river we support:

Meander Canyon, Colorado River
Labyrinth Canyon, Green River
Stillwater Canyon, Green River

What Does it Cost?

There are a variety of costs to get you and your equipment to and from the river. Please review the shuttle rates page for further information.


Maze Backpacking Neal Herbert

Backpacking is a fantastic way to explore the remote and beautiful landscape of Canyonlands National Park. However, access to some areas can be difficult and time consuming. For instance, accessing the Maze District can take four to five hours driving on extremely rough roads. With jetboat service, you can be backpacking in the Maze after a two-hour scenic jetboat ride. Tex's Riverways is primarily a jetboat shuttle service for people on river trips. Most backpackers who enjoy jetboat service, need to be added to existing river trip shuttles, so backpackers must be flexible with their itinerary. A little logistical hoop jumping is a small price to pay for such amazing access to an extremely remote region of one of the most inaccessible national parks in the United States. Hopefully we can help you with your journey. A round-trip shuttle costs $270 per person.

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A trip through Cataract Canyon is a journey through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Most Cataract trips launch at the Potash boat ramp 20 miles downstream from Moab. From there, they float 50 miles down Meander Canyon to Cataract Canyon.

However, some groups do not have enough time for the calm water portion of this trip. Others have passengers arriving late that need to catch up with their group. Tex's Riverways frequently transports people, kayaks and supplies for Cataract Canyon boaters on the Colorado River.

We do not transport rafts.

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