Rental Rates

Due to the unguided, do-it-yourself aspect of our trips, we have found little or no demand for the rental of camping and cooking gear. It is assumed that you will be supplying this type of equipment to support your trip. We do have an inventory of some basic items specific to river trips available for rent.

Prices quoted here do not include sales tax (8.75%).

All rental equipment must be returned in clean, serviceable condition. You will be held responsible for loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear. Rental items are available only to customers doing multi-day trips and using our shuttle and transport services.

Canoes & Kayaks



Grumman Canoe Outfit *$40.00 per day
Old Town Discovery Canoe Outfit *$45.00 per day
Touring Kayak Outfit °$50.00 per day
Sit On Top Kayak Outfit °$50.00 per day

* Canoe Outfits include paddles, PFD's, seat cushions, bail bucket, throw bag, whistle and firepan. Grumman aluminum canoes are 17' long. Old Town Discovery canoes are 16' 9" long.

° Touring Kayak Outfit includes paddle, PFD and spray skirt. The touring kayak is a Prijon Tour Yak. It is 15' 4" long and 24.5" wide. The bow hatch opening is 8" x 14" and the stern hatch opening is 11"x 15". The maximum capacity (1 person plus gear) is 325 lbs.

° Sit On Top Kayak Outfit includes paddle and PFD. The sit on top kayak is an Ocean Kayak Tetra 12. It is 12' 1" long and 29.5" wide. The bow hatch opening is 16.5" x 10.5" and the stern well is 35"x 18" x 5”. The maximum capacity (1 person plus gear) is 325 lbs.




Roll-a-Table$20.00 per trip
Crazy Creek Canoe Chair$15.00 per trip
NRS Camp Chair$15.00 per trip
6.5 Gallon Water Container$10.00 per trip
Plastic Storage Box (12"x 15"x 22")$10.00 per trip
54 Quart Ice Chest (18"x 14"x 23") *$15.00 per trip
Large Dry Bag (107 liter)$15.00 per trip
Medium Dry Bag (38 liter)$12.50 per trip
Small Dry Bag (10 liter)$10.00 per trip
River Toilet$65.00 per trip
T-CAT Fixture$65.00 per trip

* We sell ice (block and cube).


The T-CAT (short for Tex Catamaran) uses two of our 17' Grumman canoes strapped together as a catamaran by way of customized wooden fixture with a small plywood platform in between. When renting this setup from us you will need to reserve 2 Grumman Canoes at our standard $40.00 per day rate. In addition there will be a one time $65.00 fee for rental of the T-CAT fixture itself. This option is not available with our Old Town canoe rentals.

The T-CAT is a great set up for families with small children or for groups with odd numbers wishing to avoid a canoe being paddled solo. Call us to ask if the T-CAT is right for your group.



Portable toilets are required on all Utah rivers and their use is mandated by strict federal and state regulations. We provide 3 different size toilets. Most boats with enclosed hulls (kayaks, foldable boats, etc.) can carry the small toilet inside the boat. Some boaters with restricted hull space strap the small toilet to the deck of the boat. Regardless of the difficulties that some boats present in carrying a toilet, all boating parties must follow the regulations for waste carry-out and disposal. Consult us to determine which toilet will better serve the needs of your group and best conform to the space limitations presented by various boats.

20 User Day Toilet: 11” x 11” x 7”
50 User Day Toilet: 14” x 12” x 10”
75 User Day Toilet: 14” x 14” x 14”

We feel confident that the toilet system we provide is one of the very best systems available today. It is sanitary, simple, sturdy, and should not be viewed as a hindrance to your river trip. With all toilet rentals we provide the deodorizing chemicals, as well as all disposal and cleaning post trip.

river toilets